Island artists set for Cuba

October 23, 2018

Three island artists are to take part in a major exhibition in Cuba next year.

Peter Lapsley, Jon Legere and Andrea Sundt will exhibit their work at the Behind the Wall show — Detrás del Muro in Spanish — alongside 28 Cuban artists and 44 international artists as part of the Havana Biennial.

Lisa Howie, an independent curator and former executive director of the Bermuda National Gallery, said: “This is an exciting moment in the careers of the artists and an equally important moment that flags Bermuda as a valued space for contemporary art making.

“One of my projects while executive director of BNG was to see the Bermuda Biennial exhibition serve as a springboard for opportunities like this.”

The BNG introduced Cuban curator Juanito Delgado to the Bermuda Biennial in 2016.

Ms Howie said: “Now I have the gritty work of assisting in the transportation, installation and interpretation of the artworks, plus supporting travellers from Bermuda who want to tour the Havana Biennial during the opening weekend of the exhibition.”

Ms Sundt said: “I am thrilled to have been asked to be involved in the Havana Biennial and particularly in the programme put together by Juanito Delgado, the curator of the Detrás del Muro project.”

Mr Lapsley added: “Lisa Howie has been championing this effort for quite some time now and it’s exciting to finally be close to fruition.

Behind the Wall will be promoted at a special Havana meets Bermuda event with a Cuban menu, cocktails and music at Marcus’ restaurant at the Hamilton Princess on November 2.

The Behind the Wall event will run from April 12 to May 12.