Bermudian artists feature in Havana

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Randy Rodriguez, Lisa Howie and Peter Lapsley at the opening of the Detras del Muro in Havana (Photograph supplied)

Bermudian artists have been invited to exhibit more of their work in Cuba after they took part in an exhibition on the streets of Havana.

Lisa Howie, an independent curator and consultant who helped organise Bermudian participation in public art exhibition, said that Juanito Delgado, the exhibition’s curator, had asked for more artists from the island.

Bermuda artists Jon Legere, Peter Lapsley and Andrea Sundt are featured in Detrás del Muro, (Behind The Wall) which opened last month.

Ms Howie, the former director of the Bermuda National Gallery, said the opportunity came after the artists were featured in the BNG’s biennial exhibition.

Ms Howie added: “Juanito Delgado was impressed with the artists and I will pursue his invitation for Bermuda to return.”

She said she working to install Bermuda art at a specific location Havana for the city’s next biennial and might be able to the same at Sao Paulo biennial in Brazil.

Ms Howie added: “This is the first time Bermuda has been represented in the Havana Biennial and they got there thanks to their involvement in the Bermuda biennial.”

The Detrás del Muro exhibition runs the length of La Malecón, a five-mile esplanade along Havana Harbour and features large scale works.

The exhibition features large scale works.

Randy Rodriguez, a Cuban engineer, Mr Lapsley and volunteers worked to install the island’s contribution.

By The Royal Gazette


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