Lisa Howie Joins National Museum of Bermuda

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The National Museum of Bermuda [NMB] announced that Lisa Howie has been hired as NMB Director of Learning and Engagement.

Ms. Howie will be implementing the newly launched NMB Education Strategy which aims to reposition the Museum as a multi-faceted community institution that encourages and supports the open exploration of history, heritage and identity.

“We are thrilled to have Lisa join the NMB team. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise along with enthusiasm and a fresh art-based perspective” stated Elena Strong, NMB Executive Director.

Through the design and delivery of innovative and engaging programming, targeting early childhood to lifelong learners, Ms. Howie will be working on “strengthening and promoting an understanding and appreciation of Bermuda’s diverse heritage and history. ”

“Knowing, understanding and appreciating our history and heritage can allow us to effectively confront the issues of the present, shape our identity and our lives, and strengthen our purpose in the world,” the NMB noted.

Guided by the aspirations of the NMB Education Strategy, Ms. Howie will be building the Museum’s education department from the ground up, working closely with the NMB Education Committee and Staff and collaborating with local educators, schools, government, and community groups.

The initial priorities include growing formalised educational initiatives with schools and community partners; developing teacher professional development programmes that provide up to date historical research and better support teachers with the delivery of the local social studies curricula; launching a community docent programme; and increasing opportunities for museum members and community groups to engage with our past.

After completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Canada, Ms. Howie began her career in education, working in the local school system for 13 years. She moved to Bermuda National Gallery [BNG] as Education Director in 2006 and then became BNG’s Executive Director in 2009 until 2017.

A lifelong learner herself, Ms. Howie more recently completed the Senior Leaders Program for Non-Profit Professionals at Columbia University in New York City. She is also the owner and curator of Black Pony Gallery, which seeks to develop international awareness of the contemporary visual art movement in Bermuda.

When asked about her new role, Ms Howie stated: “NMB’s Education Strategy 2019: Moving the Needle was the hook. It is a thoughtful document that challenges the manner in which a museum will engage with learners of all ages, doing so in order to transcend barriers, instigate new ways of thinking, and ultimately arriving at transformative experiences.

“My role is a great opportunity for me to deep-dive into our Island’s history— learning actively while creating stimulating programs to engage a wide audience. This spirit of learning by teaching is a key element of the NMB Education Strategy and I will be modeling the way.”