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Thank you for exploring art — I love it too. My interest begins with literature, with the love of language and poetics that can be as compelling as visual art. The dream of owning a gallery goes back to my twenties in Montreal, following the art scene from museum to gallery to alternative hangouts.

The brand Black Pony dropped out of a book and I have kept it in my pocket ever since. It’s a symbol of adventure, of creative and energetic expression. I designed the logo, an original silkscreen, thanks to the help of an artist friend (and the public domaine). I get asked often if I am an artist too. Sure, as a writer. It is the visual artists I champion.  

Presently, Black Pony lives online representing 16 artists from five Islands. I envision the artwork in the gallery collection, as a whole body of work, telling its own story of the Atlantic World. To present its own characters, to determine its own setting, its own tensions and triumphs. The corridor, from The Azores to Trinidad, is a fascinating geographical space. The intertwined cultural and historical narratives of the Islands, with so many intersections across so many centuries, is its own discourse and art market.

There are so many talented artists in the region and yet finding them, getting to them, is a challenge. Black Pony Gallery, as a virtual space, removes that challenge.

Thanks to your interest, more artists from the Atlantic World will be recognized, collected and featured in international exhibitions, fairs and creative projects.

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